About Us

We are the representative and distribution company which mainly concentrates on the Baltic states – Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and now by the demand of  our partners, we started to expand our representation to other Eastern European and CIS countries. We have >15 years experience working on production, import-export business, with quality systems (TQM, LEANS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, etc)

We work as agents/representatives/distributors of foreign companies which want to sell or to buy the goods in these countries and look for high quality service with lower cost than to have their own full-time employee on-site. The company does not make big initial investment to get maximum information about market, players, condition, prices, etc. So it gets vitally important information about the market and can start immediately to make the decisions about their activities and to start sales/purchase on the lowest possible costs.

We work either as off-site export department on these markets or as off-site purchase department.

As off-site export department:

find dealers/distributors, make trainings for them, payments monitoring, marketing research and monitoring, strategies evaluations, etc.

As off-site purchase department:

find the best producers, negotiate for the price, monitor quality of produced goods on constant base, make trainings for local producers, inspect the usage of raw materials, finding the best logistics solutions

The foreign companies get high quality service with local countries particuliarities and knowledge in the shortest way and with cost normally much lower than they would have by establishing their own office with their own employees.

Our main areas of current acivities – textile sales and production( (sowed item, cut&sewing), furniture production and distribution, matrass/bedding production, building industry, food processing and distribution, retail and wholesale sectors.


We try to penetrate into the local markets as much as it is possible. We think that all the customers are important, as you never know when a small customer will become a big one, and you need to be as close as you can and help to do it. That is why we work with big customers  on commission bases, and we normally service small customers  as distributor.


We work on commission base, either on the fixed fee or on the short/long project base. Payment depends on the project targets, expected results, size, human resource involvment, etc. Our service normally cost less than 30% which companies would spend if they did the same job with their own staff, it takes less time (up to 4-5 times), and by using our knowledge and experience of the local market.

Countries served

We work in the following countries:

  • 80% of our work is concentrated on the Baltic States – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia
  • 20% with Russia, Ukraine, Bellorusia and Poland

We also do representation service in the following countries:

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarussia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech, Georgia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine.

Our main office is in Vilnius, Lithuania. In this way we are close to all Eastern European countries. Our staff speaks English, Russian, Lithuanian, Polish. According the project requirement we hire local consultants for specific needs who have particulars skills in the field.

Why choose us

-15+ years import/export experience in Eastern/Western European markets
-Participated/visited more than 200 fairs
-Fast and low cost entrance into the Eastern European markets
-Lower cost than to establish your own office/staff (our service costs up to 30% of your standard establishing cost)

-Knowledge of local cultures and languages
-Knowledge of the specifics of the market
-Professional attitude to each project
-Results orientated (personal interest to the success of each project)
-Time saving (4-5 times saving than using your own staff)
-We do not work with direct competitors/products  the same time
-Understanding the importance of face to face meetings on sales and long lasting relations


-Market overview and evaluation
-Market research and marketing strategy development
-Marketing strategy implementation

-Logistic issues solving
-Representation on the trade shows/fairs, dealers meetings
-Representation, in terms of  contact, physical address, phone and fax in the Baltics
-Training of distributors/dealers (sales/purchase) staff
-Negotiations on the client side on prices, terms, quality issues
-Payments monitoring
-Quality control and quality issues solving
-Search of new distributors/dealers (manufactures) and monitoring of the existing ones
-Assistance with advertising, PR, preparation of materials, adaptation of marketing material to local language

– Distribution services



Our main areas of current working with our representing companies:

  • electronic goods
  • textile products sales and production,
  • furniture production and distribution,
  • mattrass/bedding production and distribution,
  • building materials industry;
  • building services export/import;
  • food processing and export/import,
  • retail and wholesale sectors (FMCG, B2B, IT)


To choose our service is  worth not because that we know the local market, language, have experience and are interested in reaching the best results, but we also save your time and your money.

Here is simple/approximate calculation how much it will cost to your company to have your own representative in the Baltic States:


Cost (in EUR/month)



Taxes related with salary (social, income, etc)


Office with maintenance cost


Communication cost


Car + gasoline


Travelling cost (hotel, tickets cost, daily expenses, etc)




We consider in this calculation that you have already found the right person and he/she does not leave the company and you do not have to pay the headhunting company to find a new staff . We do not calculate additional, non-direct cost from mother company, which normally is much higher due to additional accounting, management and control cost.

We do the same job  for the part of  above indicated cost and customers normally pay only direct cost, related with customers established tasks, and commissions from successfully reached targets/fulfilled tasks.  We are vitally interested that our customers would be happy with our copperation. We would like to have a long lasting project which would be beneficial for both sides.

Success stories

Search of new suppliers and quality monitoring (continuing)

New suppliers search in the Baltic states and Poland for Germany furniture chain:

  • Found 3 new suppliers
  • Supplying from this region increased >5 times
  • 2 new supplying products groups are introduced
  • Monitoring the supply quality (>2 times cheaper then keep/send their  own employees)

New customers search (continuing project)

Long term project for search of new customers in the Baltic states (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) for Belgium company (textile area) and keep the sales to them:

  • Stopped loosing the sales and decrease the market share (ceased the local distributor unsatisfactory work)
  • Gathered market information about main players, prices, products, etc.
  • In 3 years were found 4 new customers
  • 2 customers took over from competitors
  • Sales in 3 years increased 3 times and continue to grow up
  • Developed several new products, which possible to sell on other markets

Representation function

We represent Italian company from B2B sector (supplying materials to furniture sector). We do – keep relations with current dealers/distributors,  informing about new products, marketing/advertising strategies creation and implementation, training of dealers staff, solving quality/supply issues.

  • Italian company did had representative here so had a lot of miscommunication issues
  • Communication became quick and effective and helped avoid a lot of time consuming problems
  • Found 1 more distributor in the region

Sales increased 40% in 2 years.


We making distribution of consumer electronic goods production company in the Baltic states. We started distribution of international company  premium electronic consumer goods, as to keep their own office for international company in these markets were too costly and existed distributors already had their own competing brands

  • Established new distribution
  • Found 15 dealers
  • Through marketing campaign increased brand awareness
  • Entered to the local electronic chains (3 chains already started to sell the product)

Contact Us


M.Pretorijaus 3-20,
LT-06227 Vilnius

Mobile: +370 655 42288
Fax: +370 5 276 26 59
Email: info@agenture.eu
Skype: ryckap